What is a Bong or Dab Rig Percolator? What’s it for?

A bong percolator, often simply called a “perc,” is a device within a bong that enhances filtration and cooling of the smoke. Its main purpose is to diffuse the smoke through water, creating bubbles that increase the surface area of the smoke that comes in contact with the water. This process helps in several ways:

  1. Cooling the Smoke: As the smoke passes through the water and breaks into smaller bubbles, it cools down significantly, resulting in smoother hits that are easier on the throat and lungs.
  2. Filtering Toxins: The water and the percolator trap and filter out some of the tar, ash, and other impurities from the smoke, making it cleaner.
  3. Enhancing Flavor: By cooling and filtering the smoke, a percolator can help in preserving and enhancing the flavor of the herbs or concentrates being used.

Types of Bong Percolators:

  1. Tree Perc: Consists of multiple arms (usually in pairs) that resemble tree branches. Each arm has small slits or holes that further break up the smoke into finer bubbles.
  2. Honeycomb Perc: Features a flat disc with numerous small holes resembling a honeycomb structure. This type provides excellent diffusion with minimal drag.
  3. Showerhead Perc: Looks like a showerhead with several slits or holes at the bottom. It forces the smoke through these slits, creating a lot of bubbles for better filtration.
  4. Matrix Perc: A cylindrical percolator with horizontal and vertical slits that provide intense diffusion.
  5. Inline Perc: A horizontal tube with slits along its length, positioned at the bottom of the bong, offering both stability and diffusion.
  6. Turbine Perc: Features angled slits that create a swirling, vortex effect in the water, enhancing the cooling and filtration process.

Benefits of Using a Bong with a Percolator:

  • Smoother Hits: The primary advantage is the significantly smoother smoking experience, reducing throat irritation and coughing.
  • Cleaner Smoke: Enhanced filtration means fewer impurities reach your lungs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Many percolators add a visually appealing element to the bong, with intricate designs and fascinating bubble patterns.


Percolators are an integral feature in many modern bongs, contributing significantly to the smoking experience by ensuring smoother, cooler, and cleaner hits. The choice of percolator type can depend on personal preference, desired level of filtration, and aesthetic considerations.

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