14mm Male Nectar Beehive Opaque FULL WELD Terp Slurper



14mm 90 Degree Male FULL WELD

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      • Top Diameter – 20mm
      • Dish Diameter – 36mm
      • Height – 80mm
      • Thickness – 2mm
      • Edge – Bevel
      • 14mm Male
      • 90° Frosted Joint
      • Compatible Pearl Sizes – 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm
      • Recommended Inserts – Marble Set or Glass Mushroom Pillar Set

      The Honeysuckle Nectar Beehive is a bit of a different spin on a Honeysuckle style banger. This 80mm tall quartz banger features a frosted joint and opaque dish for better heat retention and a massive chamber connecting the dish to the rest of the banger.

      This impressive quartz banger will suit any need you may have. Tiny dabs to big globs, this nail will handle every bit of them. Functioning best when used with a Marble Insert Set. The tall chamber allows the capsule from the Marble Set to not only spin but also creates an up and down motion in the nail, leading to complete and optimal vaporization of your product.

      Pick up a Honeysuckle Nectar Beehive today and see what everyone is talking about!!




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