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1. Select a Membership

Choose if you want to save more & subscribe monthly or purchase a one time Mystery Box. Next choose the level and theme of your box. Boxes Range from $7.50-$500 with a Herb, Oil, or Mixed Theme.

2. We’ll Hand Prepare Your Box

We’ll fill your box with all the best contents we can find picked for smokers by smokers!

3. Receive Your Box & Enjoy!

We will ship your Mystery Box discretely to your door with free insured shipping on orders $25+ in the U.S.

Smoking Mystery Box
The Fat Ass Glass “Mystery Box” is our way of giving back to our customers and thanking you all for your support! Here we are able to give you the best possible hook up! This mystery bundle features some of our coolest products from glass bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and more—at an extremely discounted rate. Every box recipient is a winner!
What’s in the Mystery Box
Dedicated to making the “Mystery Box” the best value to price ratio we can offer, we guarantee that each box is loaded with content valued equal to or higher than what you’re paying. The contents of the box will be an assortment of glass, gear, accessories, and miscellaneous swag!

Each box has a chance to come with a grand prize dab rig or water pipe along with an assortment of other random prizes such as spoon pipes, dab pens, vapes, pendants, bowl pieces, dish & dabbers, etc.

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