How to Determine Joint Size 14mm vs 18mm and Female vs Male Glass Joints

How To Determinine Joint Gender and Size

While all of Fat Ass Glass Bongs comes with it’s own bowl piece or nail/dome combo, there may come a time when you want to customize or upgrade your bong or rig. Try an ash catcher it both improves function and catches ash leaving you with a cleaner bong! This is why it’s important to know about the joint gender and size of your smoking supplies.

Male Vs. Female

Bongs, bowl pieces, ash catchers, adapters, nails – these all have a gender, making it crucial to be able to distinguish between male and female smoking supplies.


Take a look at your go-to bong. If the joint that you fit the bowl onto tapers at the end and you have to put accessories over it, then it’s a male. This means bowl pieces, domes, nails or other adapters must be female. The picture above is a MALE bowl piece.


If your smoking device has a joint that has a slightly wider mouth and accessories have to be inserted into it, rather then over it, it’s female and all add-on accessories should be male. Most conventional water pipes designed primarily for dry legal herbs or tobacco are going to be female.
Just think of basic anatomy or sex ed class and you should be able to guess which one’s which. Male goes in female; female slides over male. Easy enough.
The example above is a female joint.



This joint size is very common among standard water pipes, especially small to medium-sized ones. To see if your joint size is 14mm, grab a dime and hold it over the end of your pipe or bowl piece, whichever one is female. 14mm joints are slightly smaller than a dime, so if the dime doesn’t fit into it, the joint is most likely 14mm. If the joint is significantly smaller, though, you may have a 10mm joint on your hands.

14mm Male

14mm Female


Also very common, 18mm joint sizes are generally used on larger devices like straight tubes or beakers. This size offers optimal air flow and can be identified using a similar dime method. Although it really depends on preference. If you can fit a dime through the female joint of your pipe or bowl slide it’s 18mm.

18mm Female

18mm Male


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