Available Discounts / Promotions

  • 10% Off Orders with Code “winter”
  • Free item(s) new in 2024 to match your order use code “2024”
  • Free RAW Swag with Orders use Code “RAW”
  • Free Carb Cap with any Quartz Banger / Slurper use code “cap”
  • Free Fat Ass Glass Pad with any order $25+ use code “pad
  • Free Mystery Item to match your order use code “free” 
  • Check out our weekly free bong giveaway on our instagram @fatassglass https://www.instagram.com/fatassglass/

*Discounts / promos do not include Instagram Auctions & can end at any time. One code can be applied per order.*

Please contact support@fatassglass.com with any questions 🙂